You may have heard your teacher or the friendly staff at Oxford English Academy always telling you Speak English only! The question is why? Is there a reason for this and do your teachers know best?

Well, of course they do! Which means not only are they the magic ingredient to your language classes and learning English, but also the best person to give you tips on how to learn English best.

Here are some of the things they said;

“Pronunciation is important to practice, because if you are confident to pronounce the words correctly, then you will be confident to speak in English.”

“It is Important to use new words as much as possible in as many different contexts as possible. It will help you to remember the words and be flexible in using them daily in a variety of different contexts and be able to talk on many different topics.”

“Revise! Revise! Revise! Revisit new words – keep a vocabulary notebook – write new words down every day. When learning new words try not to directly translate and use synonyms as much as possible to expand your use of vocabulary.”

“Encourage and immerse yourself in the language not only inside the classroom but outside.”

“Learn and practice functional language that you can use in everyday real life situations, like giving or asking for advice or making a request. This will build your fluency in English and allow you to use the language to manage day to day things.”

“Why not learn English through your own interests, read articles and blogs on things you enjoy, or your hobbies, interests or professional field of work. I enjoy things about travel. So I read a lot of travel articles and blogs or watch documentaries about interesting places to visit and explore. Or if you are a Medical student or Doctor, why not learn English specifically in the contexts of medical journals or articles.”

Here are some other useful tips for you.

·        Try not to speak your own language, it is a proven fact that those who immerse themselves in the language are learning. Speak the language as much as possible to improve, talk faster and sound more natural.

·         Don’t be afraid to make mistakes – we learn from our mistakes. Experiment with the English you are learning.

·         Use online resources

·        Take an English Exam such as IELTS or Cambridge FCE or CAE – Taking an exam gives your learning a goal and something to work towards

·         Keep an English journal or diary, or start a blog.  Why not share your writing with friends and family – or other people around the world? Get chatting and sharing on social media platforms.

Last but not least for those passionate about reading and books.

·         Read some children’s books, they are good alternative to graded readers. One of my favorite children’s books to recommend are the books by Dr Seuzz.

After all Dr Seuzz did say it best!

“The more that you read, the more things that you’ll know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”