My last blog post looks at creating an English learning plan for 2017. I touched on knowing your motivation for learning English, on making a visible and viable plan, on committing to learning every day, on creating a realistic plan and on having fun during learning. Below are a few more tips for creating your English learning plan:

1. Learning something new is always easier when you aren’t alone. Some people may be ‘lone wolves’ and prefer to work in isolation, but I can highly recommend learning English in a group or with a study partner. There are a number of benefits such as having someone to motivate you, having someone to practise listening and speaking with and just someone to have fun with. Work out a programme together and be accountable to each other for sticking to it.

2. Most people who learn a new language want to speak and sound like a native speaker. Whether you need English for work, for studies or for fun, try and work in time to use authentic English materials. This could be in the form of watching films or television programmes, listening to podcasts or reading magazines and newspapers. Most importantly, speak to native English speakers any opportunity that you get and this is going to be your most authentic source of the language.

3.  Writing a diary seems like an old-fashioned past time but it’s a great way to practise writing and keeping track of your learning. If you prefer not to put pen to paper, then you can write an online journal or diary. There are many fantastic free programmes that you can use such as Penzu or Diary. You could include 10 minutes of writing in your learning programme to reflect on the day or to plan your day to come. Don’t worry too much about grammar and spelling otherwise you’ll not enjoy the experience at all. You can always go back to previous entries to edit them and to see how much you’ve improved.

By creating a learning plan, 2017 can be your year of mastering English. Plan your programme, take one step at a time, do as much as you can and have fun!