At Oxford English Academy we realise that many people are daunted by writing in their own language, so the thought of writing in English is something that makes those learning the language go cold. But never fear. With motivation and practice, writing in English can be a pleasurable and enjoyable task and before you know it, you will be a phenomenal writer. Below are four easy steps that you can follow:

1.     Practice, practice and then practice some more. This seems obvious, but practice is one of the quickest ways to get better at something so if you need to improve your English writing, then do it as much as possible.

2.     Make it enjoyable. There is nothing worse than writing about something you don’t enjoy. If you have a particular interest, than write about it freely and with pleasure. You will be amazed at what comes out of your pen.

3.     Always plan and then edit your work. By planning your writing you can think about the structure of the writing and make sure that it progresses logically. And once you’ve written your first draft, make the effort the read over it carefully. You may not produce a piece of writing that has no mistakes, but I’m very sure that you will find mistakes that you can correct. As an English teacher I know that it is difficult to write correctly in English so I really appreciate writing that has correct punctuation, good spelling and is cohesive.

4.    Read as much English as you can. Reading helps you to expand your vocabulary and to get a sense of English spelling. Once again, always read things that interest you otherwise you will find it a tedious task that will put you of English.

By following these four easy steps, you are sure to become a fluent writer of English. You may not write everything perfectly, but the important thing is that you will overcome your fear of putting pen to paper. And who knows what literary creations you may produce in the future?