One of the many pleasures of living in and around Cape Town is the incredible amount of activities one can do outside, weather permitting of course. I found myself contemplating a few phrases in the English language last weekend when exposed to the elements while camping. The weather certainly ‘permits’ you to either have a good time outdoors, or banishes you to the isolation of your tent without a moment’s notice. Once you have spent any amount of time in Cape Town you will certainly have first-hand experience of the phrase ‘four seasons in one day’.

If you like roughing it for a day or two (my limit) there are many breathtaking campsites in close proximity to the city. Cape Town boasts some of the most incredible beaches in the world and a few even have campsites on them. However, I must admit that when you wake up in your flimsy tent to the Cape of Storms (as it has been known), you will not be so mesmerised by the beauty of it all!   Fighting your way through wind and rain to the nearest ablution block, only to discover there is no hot water, is enough to send me straight back to the comforts of the city I love so endearingly. One thing that can be said for Mother Nature is that she has incredible motivational skills. She certainly motivated a group of normally lazy, laid back campers into packing up at the speed of lightning. To quote a friend: “Camping season is over, now it is cottage season!”

By the time we reached the safety and comfort of the city, Mother Nature once again pulled out all the stops and produced a glorious sun filled, windless Sunday afternoon. Gone was any hint of the ominous grey clouds she had so surreptitiously sent our way only hours earlier. Table Mountain welcomed us back with its ever open arms in which we all cradle comfortably. It is probably for this reason that I feel so at home in the Mother city, but it does make me wonder if these two mothers are in cahoots to keep you close to home.