Cape Town is known for the fact that it can show you all four seasons in one day. I have written in the past about how a mere hour drive can change your day completely. For some the weather plays an integral part in deciding when to travel. As we are situated in the Southern hemisphere we experience winter while the North celebrates summer. However if you are from the North and the only time available for you to travel and study at Oxford English Academy, Cape Town is during our winter, don’t fret.

Also known as the Cape of storms, Cape Town can also deliver the most amazingly mild, sunny days slap bang in the middle of winter. Temperatures are fairly mild all throughout May to August and rarely drop below freezing along the coast. Inland you might find that there is the occasional snowfall, however nothing close to what you might find in Europe. So I wouldn’t suggest packing your ski boots. There will be days that you might not want to leave the confines of your warm cosy homestay, as the wind might be howling and the rain pounding down but low and behold the following day could be the exact opposite.

Summer time in Cape Town is busy, exciting and even exhilarating! The city fills up with tourists, models, filmmakers and generally beautiful people. If you head down to Camp’s Bay you will be met by thousands of sun worshippers basking in the beauty of their surroundings. In January and February it does tend to get a bit windy when the Cape Doctor can howl nonstop for days. This strong, persistent south-easterly wind is known as the Cape Doctor due to the belief that it cleans the area of pollution. During this time the area becomes a windsurfer’s paradise. Head down to Bloubergstrand and watch these sportsmen soar through the skies, reaching incredible heights. The Red Bull King of the Air Kite Surfing event takes place here every summer. As a spectator you will most definitely enrich your vocabulary while trying to express your awe at what the competitors manage to achieve. Visit Cape Town Watersports for a complete guide to all the different aquatic sports the area has to offer.

The point I’m trying to get at in this blog is whether you are a winter person, a summer person or someone who can adapt to it all, Cape Town is a prime destination. And I can assure you if you come to learn English for a few months you are most likely to experience some incredible days that make you feel like you have the world at your feet!

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