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If you want to learn quality English, then ask for a teacher who has a CELTA qualification. At Oxford English Academy we pride ourselves on the standard and quality of our teachers. The Director of Studies employs teachers for their qualifications, experience and approach to teaching. One such qualification that we value highly at all our schools is the CELTA qualification. We follow the methodology in our classrooms and expect our teachers to deliver their lessons accordingly.

If you are looking to learn quality English, then Oxford English Academy is the English school for you. All our teachers are CELTA qualified and will ensure that you learn English quickly, effectively and easily. Contact us today to book your course.

Learn Quality English with a CELTA Qualified Teacher

Now you might ask what exactly this means? CELTA is a teacher training qualification specifically aimed at teaching English as a foreign or second language. Cambridge University offers this qualification. And teachers can gain it in many countries all over the world at specifically accredited schools or centres.

The reason we at Oxford English Academy adhere to this methodology is simple. We like the fact that teachers recognise the importance of practical experience. The methodology supports the idea of minimising “Teacher Talk Time” and places emphasis on practise just as much as on theory.

Learn Quality English with Interesting CELTA Classes

Teachers learn to put together lesson plans with many different elements. Group work, practical tasks, individual exercises and conversation activities make up these effective lessons.

Correcting students also plays an integral part in teaching a second language. When using the CELTA methodology there are very specific ways of doing so. Teachers learn how to interact and correct all types of students in a way that will benefit the student. It is important to not place emphasis on their errors in a negative way. And we call this ‘productive error correction’.

As a typical EFL (English Foreign Language) classroom can consist of students from many different nationalities as well as a wide age spectrum, classroom management plays an important role. Teachers need to be culturally sensitive. After the CELTA course, they have the correct tools with which to handle diverse situations.

The PPP paradigm trains teachers to approach lesson where the topic is presented, practised and finally work is produced by the student. Student to teacher interaction is essential. And students have to ask questions and talk in English as much as possible, within the structure of the lesson.

Learn Quality English with Interesting CELTA Classes at Oxford English Academy

Therefore, students can be assured that learning English at one of our schools will be a fruitful experience. You can be sure that you will learn quality English. This is because what we offer comes from a methodology followed throughout the world. And now you know a little more of what you can expect from your classes!