You’ve finally arrived in a city such as Cape Town or Oxford, to study English. You’re in a city where they speak the language, and you can’t wait to immerse yourself in conversation! However, what if you aren’t able to get as much real life practice as you’d like, or your English grammar or vocabulary needs brushing up on?

For tech savvy learners, there are a score of highly ranked websites, not only offering tips on how to learn and better your grasp of the language, but also the opportunity to chat online with a native English speaker. How far we’ve come – to have all these resources readily available at our fingertips!

Let’s take a look at a few of these websites.

Babble is a top class foreign language resource, with an abundance of learning apps, giving you access to everything you need in order to read, speak, write and understand a new language. Even better, you can do it anytime, anywhere. Babble also has an advanced speech recognition system that allows you to record yourself speaking English – a brilliant way to practice those hard to pronounce words and tricky speech patterns.

BBC English has a lot of fun features – to help enhance your language school lessons. Notably, it has a pronunciation section, and you can study units at a level that’s relevant to you.

Memorize offers a relaxed (and free!) approach to language and vocabulary learning. And with its mobile app, you’ve got an active learning platform at your fingertips.

Ted Talks is a personal favourite when it comes to learning English, and these two features are why:

1.      They’re delivered by native English speakers, so by simply listening you can help improve your comprehension skills, and build your vocabulary ten-fold.

2.      They’ve got transcripts that allow you to read along with the talks, which helps you see how the language is structured, and also helps improve your pronunciation.

For students taking Cambridge or IELTS exams, there are also useful websites such as or – which have practice exams, exercises and plenty of useful tips and advice to help you get top results.

So, whether you’re looking to improve your spoken English, or better your grammar – Oxford English Academy gives you the opportunity to blend online learning with a customized English course. Looking forward to seeing you there!