Where can I learn English? You can learn English at Oxford English Academy.

Where Can I Learn English?

The quick answer to this question is; At Oxford English Academy, of course.

However, this will prompt more questions and these questions will require further answers. Hence the reason for this blog post.

As answered before, the best place for you to learn English would be to join us at Oxford English Academy. Now you ask; “But where?” In response, we inform you that we do not just have one campus. Oxford English Academy is all over the World. I am writing this post from our campus in Cape Town, South Africa but we have schools in Oxford, England as well as Russia, North Africa, China, Vietnam and Thailand.

When Can I learn English?

You can learn English at a time that suits you, that is what is so attractive about Oxford English Academy. We don’t follow a specific calendar, in terms of prescribed curriculum. When we have new students all the time and we strive to include everyone into each class. We have level tests that fall on specific dates which help promote development and we work towards these goals collectively.

So, whether you want to come in December, January or July we will accommodate you.

How can I learn English?

English, like any other language, is not something that you learn overnight. Learning a language takes time and dedication. At Oxford English Academy, we have recently developed our online platform which allows students the opportunity to integrate their in-class, traditional book-style learning with a new, modern twist on the whole learning process. This includes videos, listening activities, surfing the web for content  and other varied and interesting media related content that can be used to bring the classroom to life.

It is often difficult to come to a decision when choosing a school and a method when it comes to learning English but at Oxford English Academy we make that decision much easier for you.