As someone who has travelled quite extensively, I have often felt very hard done by in terms of my food choices as a vegetarian in a foreign country. It seems that in the countries I have visited, national dishes seem to revolve around a meat of some kind. This has meant either eating hardly anything or eating unhealthy things like desserts (which I really don’t mind) and bread. But luckily for students who have chosen to learn English at Oxford English Academy in Cape Town, this is definitely not the case! Cape Town is a safe haven for vegans and vegetarians, with the city centre offering a number of great eatery choices.

Indian food is traditionally full of a delicious variety of tasty, flavoursome dishes, and Bukhara Restaurant has got to be one of my favourite. It is situated in Church Street, just a 2 minute walk from our Upper Campus on Long Street. Though not a vegetarian restaurant, its menu has many well-made and interesting vegetarian and vegan options. The restaurant is so popular with locals and foreigners that it’s very important to book in advance in order to experience the great food, buzzing atmosphere and opulent interior.

For a quick vegetarian takeaway, you can’t beat Zucchini’s . It’s also just around the corner from both our campuses and has been in the city centre for as long as I can remember. It’s still considered one of the best ‘hole in the wall’ vegetarian joints and for good reason. The food is well-priced, fresh, always delicious and the staff is super friendly. And if you have never tried chickpea fudge, then I recommend theirs as your first try of this weird but tasty sweet treat.

I have only mentioned two of my favourite places to eat good vegetarian food but there are many, many more. The best thing to do is to come to Cape Town and to explore all the city has to offer.