Today we are paying tribute to the people who go about unseen in terms of the work they do for the country’s education. We are paying tribute to volunteering tutors, whether in disadvantaged communities or not but mainly in disadvantaged. One of the institutions that make this happen is SHAWCO maybe more popular than most. SHAWCO stands for Students’ Health and Welfare Centres Organization. This is a student run NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) based at the University of Cape Town. This organization seeks to improve the quality of life of those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds of Khayelitsha, Kensington, Nyanga and Manenberg. SHAWCO is divided into two parts, education and health. I will be focusing on education mainly the teaching of English. As we see the growing need of learning English and teaching English. Projects at SHAWCO aim to influence children as little as six years old. At this age there are Foundation projects which are aimed at getting children accustomed to literacy and creating a desire for literacy. This then helps children grasp the English language and other languages as it is a language in which they will be taught in the near future. These project continue up until senior level and help ensure that children from disadvantaged backgrounds are also open to the privilege of tertiary education. It is institutions of this nature that don’t get enough credit. Their influence in non-English speaking communities and their aid in not only informing children about various things one needs to succeed in this modern world, including the knowledge of the English language, is truly remarkable. Not only are they moulding children of the future but they are changing what could have been their innately deemed fate. In turn this further helps improve their ability to thrive in schools and improve our education system as the country of South Africa.