From the moment you arrive in Cape Town and start studying English at Oxford English Academy your fellow students will be able to vouch for the fact that you have chosen an extremely exciting destination. Cape Town is not only a premier English learning city; it is also a city that offers you some of the most adventurous activities right on your doorstep.

But first back to the classroom! Once you arrive at our school you will be assigned into a class lead by one of our expert teachers. Chances are on your first day you will be faced with an aspect of grammar. One of which is prepositions, normally words expressing a relation to another word or element in a clause. Starting to sound like Greek instead of English? You can check out the explanation on the British Council website or simply read on! I will give examples of how to use them in relation to this exciting city.

‘This morning I jumped off Table Mountain!’ Yes, this is possible with companies such as Abseil Africa located on Long Street, just up the road from our upper campus.

‘Jack and Jill went for a tour under the city.’ Wait; hang on, under the city? Yes, that is correct! These city tunnel tours are one of the incredible activities offered by Good Hope Adventures , starting at the Castle of Good Hope a mere 10 minute walk from the school.

On a day you feel like taking it easy you can always take a walk through the Company Gardens. It is a wonderfully historical part of Cape Town and make sure you sit down to have a coffee at the Garden’s Café . There are hundreds of extremely friendly squirrels waiting to be fed. However, don’t make the same mistake I did by offering your hand full of nuts to a giant rat instead!

If adrenaline is your thing you should most definitely take a paragliding flight over the city. Cape Town Paraglide offers you this opportunity and comes highly recommended.

These are just a few ways for you to come to Cape Town, study English and practise your prepositions outside the classroom! Don’t forget to go to the beach, dive under the waves or sail across the ocean on a sunny day. Not to mention going camping under the stars which as you may have read before is definitely an adventure story of its own!