Music is said to be the food of the soul. Which type of music no one knows but this weekend it had to be electronic dance music. If you are a well-known musician it will feed your pockets as well, but if you are a parent of a crazy adolescent it does more taking than feeding. Between the Mumford and Sons concert a few weeks ago and this past weekend’s Ultra, music fans are spent. Ultra-Music Festival, the World’s Premier Electronic Music event, is an internationally renowned event that was launched in 1999 in Miami, Florida. 2014 saw Ultra expand into nine countries and five continents; one of which was Africa. The inaugural Ultra South Africa was brought to the country by Electric Music. This festival is home to thousands of energy filled people who are just ready to dance at every single beat that is about to drop. The event took place at the Ostrich Ranch, a beautifully spaced farm surrounded by greenery and mountains. This makes it the perfect location as the concert runs from 12 pm- 12 am, giving people ample time to take pictures, dance and enjoy their drinks at sunset. The tickets to Ultra are quite pricey for those of us who on a student budget, with general tickets going for R700 and VIP tickets going for R1300.

Judged on the size of the crowd at the festival this did not serve as a deterrent in any way shape or form. With the line up of international acts like Tiesto and Dash Berlin ripping up a storm, I would say living on peanut butter sandwiches for the rest of the month is definitely worth it. Bring on Ultra 2017!