At Oxford English Academy in Cape Town we pride ourselves on the diverse range of students we have enrolled on any given day. I can name students from at least ten different nationalities currently studying with us. There is the ever friendly Cesar from Brazil and Nulex our long term Thai student whom we love. Gabriel and Macarena from Chile have become such a fixture at school that we dread the day they decide to leave! Not to mention Murtada and Rafat from Saudi Arabia who may leave us all with an extra grey hair or two, but whose charm is endless! Yvonne from Germany adds a certain spice to our school and will be sorely missed by the staff.

Besides all these great characters we also have a big African contingency. In my previous blog I wrote about how important and ever growing the need for English is across the globe. This by all means does not exclude Africa. With so many developing countries on the continent it is no wonder that people from many of these nations are expressing a demand for English. There are places such as Zambia where English is already spoken widely, but there are other countries where English is still a rarity. The African continent has 28 countries that list English as one of their official languages. However people tend to speak their native language more often in their day to day lives.

Students come to us from countries such Angola, Congo, Libya, Senegal and Equatorial Guinea. These students have a keen interest to further their studies and have realised the importance of English globally. They want to continue their education in English rather than their mother tongue, and what a challenge that is! They have often faced difficulties in their home countries and together with their families have decided to ensure a better future for themselves by taking time to become proficient in English. It is truly inspiring to see any student arrive with a limited command of the language and leave almost completely fluent and confident!

Once again as the African market grows, Cape Town stands out as a leading English learning destination. Immersing yourself in life here will prove to be an invaluable experience that will help shape and better your future in a variety of ways. After all, this is Africa!

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