Previously I mentioned that summer is on the way to Cape Town and this means a whole new side of the city comes out to play! I mentioned how attending a music festival can only help enhance your experience and add to your English knowledge. Another past time that plays a big part of Cape Town culture, not only in summer, but all year round is visiting a farm.

There are hundreds of farms in the Cape Peninsula that invite visitors on a daily basis to come relish in their beauty. These farms offer some of the countries’ best cuisine, wine, olive oil, cheese and much more. I can only mention a few of my favourites, but I assure you I am merely scratching the surface.

For a truly all round experience head to Spiceroute just outside Paarl, about a half an hour drive from Cape Town on the N1. As their website says the farm offers you “a sensory journey of discovery for the modern-day explorer”. Now doesn’t that just sound fun already? On the premises you can taste their wines or if you prefer there is a beer tasting room too. Not to mention the De Villiers chocolate tasting room, to die for I tell you! Besides all the consumables there is an art gallery as well as a glass blowing factory, offering the most incredible glass ornaments made intrinsically on the premises. As you can gather one can easily spend a whole day here.

However, if you have itchy feet, yet don’t want to wonder too far, just head next door to Fairview. Besides their lovely wine, they offer an incredible range of delicious cheese! In their restaurant called The Goatshed you can choose the selection of cheese you would like to sample and sit for hours watching the goats in their shed, hence the name.

Not all farms are food based, there is for instance the Cape Town Ostrich Ranch located 20 minutes outside of Cape Town. Here you can have every question you may have about these big creatures answered. If you are brave enough you can even opt to sit on one of these gigantic birds. (Believe me up close they are much bigger than you might think!) But what an African experience that will be, going home with a picture of you atop of a massive feathered creature like that!

To highlight three farms seems an injustice to the rest! In my next blog I will continue to explore Cape Town and its surrounds, looking into all the wonderful outdoor activities and experiences there are for you to enjoy while you make the most of your visit. Just remember, it all adds to your English learning experience!