If you are still asking yourself what you are going to get up to in Cape Town then you definitely haven’t been reading this blog. This is another blog post dedicated to a city where I can confidently say “you will never run out of things to do”. If you open TripAdvisor and search for things to do in Cape Town it would probably be an endless list. This week I went to my happy place. Whichever province I visit I will probably try to go to a farmers market. It never gets old to me. This week I decided to go to the Old Biscuit Mill. Located in Woodstock, probably the most hipster place you will find in Cape Town right now. You would find people riding around on Vespas and drinking cold pressed juices. If all this time you were wondering where the Baker’s man wonders around you have found the place. Old Biscuit Mill is actually an old biscuit factory and yes you will find biscuits amongst other things. This old biscuit factory is probably the largest farmers market I have been to thus far. It has different floors with things you would find at a shopping mall, only you are allowed to do your shopping while sipping on some whisky sours.  A few things to try out are definitely the neighbour goods market, make sure you go there with a lot of people so everyone buys different things and you could all have a taste of something different. Next would be the clothing shops, don’t be alarmed by people just changing in front of you. There aren’t any fitting rooms. If you fancy yourself as a fashionista you will probably like the clothes there but I have to say they do break your budget. The next place would be the dishware shops probably my most favourite. You will find beautiful handmade porcelains that might just exclusively belong to you. If you are a student like me and the trip alone to Woodstock is pricey, just grab a craft beer or a bottle of wine and some pizza and just enjoy the ambiance.