It is hard being a student. Between the studying, trying to keep an active social life, and the forever minimal budget; students have a lot to juggle. Some would say then sacrifice your social life at the end of the day you are only there to study. However, university is a place where most people define themselves. Where they make friends who genuinely know where they want to go in life or in my case I’m still deciding. The social life plays as a significant role as the academic life but most of us just don’t know how significant. You go from being woken up to go to school to making major life decisions such as paying your rent yourself, making your own schedule and having to balance out your grocery money with your personal spending. Basically you become an adult in a space of three months. The hardest part of being a student has to be being able to adapt in a world of immensely varied financial and academic positions. Coming from schools that wear uniforms the idea of wearing your own clothes is already overwhelming. I remember being a kid in primary school I would rather choose to pay extra to wear my uniform instead of civvies. The stress of picking my best clothes and going to school was way too much for me to handle. The sad part is that in university this is constant. As much as you understand your financial situation for a moment you think if only I had more. I went to boarding school for two years and I had to come back because I couldn’t deal with the academic pressure I was faced with. University was even worse. You find students of different capabilities from an IEB student to people who got the dux in their schools. As much as the competition is not obvious, seeing your peers excel while you don’t can be depressing. Luckily most of us make it out alive to tell these stories.