The Importance of Tourism In South Africa it is a multi-billion Rand industry, where for every R27 a South African spends an international tourist will spend R100. This kind of spending will in turn create employment within the industry thus proving the benefits of the tourism sector.

Cape Town prides itself on being a major tourist destination and has been voted favourite city in the world by 75 000 readers of The Telegraph in England. Not to mention the amount of articles written about it being the most beautiful city in the world! Our city is a traveller’s dream, small enough to explore in a short amount of time but also diverse and cosmopolitan enough to make you realise it is a city that competes easily with the biggest and best out there.

This leads me to the concept of Edu-tourism, a term that is becoming increasingly popular and widely known amongst travellers. Tourists worldwide now consider their holiday as an ideal opportunity to improve or upgrade certain skills they might require, either within their work environment or purely out of interest. Edu-tourism combines certain elements of tourism and learning. This then being the perfect vehicle for learning a new language or improving your existing skills.

At Oxford English Academy we are striving towards creating an entire experience around learning. Learning outside of the classroom is proving to be as important and successful as learning within the classroom. Learning while travelling along the Garden Route for instance, can only be an unforgettable experience, spending time with your teacher under a beach umbrella for an hour a day will definitely change you approach to learning!

It is essential for all tourism based economies, whether still developing or already developed, to keep changing, evolving and improving their tourism industries. Edu-tourism certainly is a wonderful way to attract travellers from all over and also a means of having tourists visit our country for more extended stays. If the idea of travelling and learning at the same time appeals to you, then Cape Town is most definitely a must. Still not convinced? Check out this article on Travelstart: “50 Photos that will make you want to live in the Mother City”.