The rate in which kids are growing at these days is shocking. My niece is not even two years old and she already knows how to take selfies and FaceTime. Sixteen year old kids are going to the J&B Met instead of bowling at the arcade. Which makes me think what I was doing or dreaming about doing at the age of two. I’m not even going to try to claim to remember. However, I do remember that everything seemed to be a trip back then. Whether it was going to the movies, the museum or the zoo. What made me think of this was when I was going through my daily news check on Oxford I saw that recently a story museum was opened there. If your kids are still reading story books, or maybe kindle since paper books are outdated now, this might be the best place for them to actually relive the story. The place is said to have a gigantic colourful bed underneath the fabric draped ceiling, which I guess was put there to bring the whole bed time story feeling. It is also the best place to have a lunch date with other mothers, not only because the kids can play without dirtying themselves while you are waiting for food, but also because the restaurant there is run by celebrity chef Sophie Grigson. She made her first debut in television in 1993 so most people wouldn’t know her, she has also won awards for her work for the Country Living Magazine.  Grigson also runs food and wine tours in association with World of Experience Tours, now part of Great Experience Travel, and also a pop-up cookery school. So I would say without a doubt she knows her way around the kitchen. If you haven’t already spent most of your money they will ask you for more at the gift shop, which might be a good way to make kids start reading books again.