In today’s blog post we have a further look at breathing new life into your English course. In the previous post, we looked at using cooking and sports as a starting point for engaging and fun classes. Let’s look what else there is…
1.You would be surprised how many students enjoy art and creative activities. Art can be used in so many different ways for different levels and different age groups. Why don’t you try some of the following activities?

a.Creating posters about a specific theme is a great way to learn vocabulary, to work in a team (which requires special vocabulary and functional language in itself) and to practise presentation skills.
b.Creating costumes for a specific holiday or observance such as Halloween or birthdays can once again be used to teach a host of new words. Students can also perform plays or role plays, speak about their countries and traditions and get to make and eat special food. The communication opportunities are endless!
c.In this digital age, why not get students to create an electronic brochure or pamphlet about the school? They will be able to practise writing, working in a team and graphic design. The students who have specific skills, will need to teach other students. I’m a big believer in peer teaching and it makes your life as a teacher much easier!

2.I’m a huge fan of video in the EFL classroom and once again, there are so many benefits.

a.Watching videos is a great way for students to take in authentic language in an enjoyable and relaxed environment. Make an event out of it by providing tickets, popcorn and a nice darkened room. Students can practise buying tickets and ordering refreshments in a role play situation.
b.Watching videos is great but making videos is even better! This is maximum student engagement as they will be able to script, direct, shoot and star in their own creations. Students can do interviews, give classes about something they specialise in or write an original play. Once again creativity and team work come into play, not to mention writing and speaking.
These activities are fantastic to motivate and engage your students and will also give you a little breather. Enjoy!