Today we have a last look at ways to create interesting and fun classes as an EFL teacher, especially if you’re feeling rather uninspired or unmotivated.

1. When you’re in a pinch for an energetic lesson, you simply can’t go wrong with a competitive game. Students of all ages and levels will quickly get into the spirit of the activity because at heart, everybody loves to win! In another way, games can also change the energy or dynamic of a class, which is often needed to keep students interested and engaged.

a. Start by getting students into teams. I like to mix nationalities, ages and levels to ensure that there is a fair chance for each team.

b. Get each team to think of a name for the team. This is an opportunity for negotiation, argument and compromise, all of which are useful English skills to gain.

c. Have all the instruments ready you would need to have a successful game.  This could include a timer, a board, counters and a pair of dice. The best games take quite a lot of preparation but will run themselves after you have started them.

d. Make sure that you are in an area where students can make a lot of noise because games often get heated. You don’t want the business next door to get upset and break up your game.

e. As for the types of games you can play, the list is endless. You can use traditional games, you can create games or you can adapt games.

f. The best EFL learning games will be verbal where students get points for answering grammar or vocabulary questions and for speaking, of course.

g. As I mentioned in a previous post, Pinterest is a fantastic resource for learning English. You can find so many free games for every level, theme or age group.

I hope this series of blog posts has given EFL teachers some inspiration and has sparked the imagination in some way. As I mentioned before, EFL is such a fun field to be in that the sky is the limit in terms of activities you can do with your class! Have fun and your students will have fun too!