Today’s blog post is less for those learning English and more for those teaching English. As a former EFL teacher myself, I know that sometimes the motivation and creativity can wane a bit. It feels like you’ve been teaching the same materials for an eternity and finding new and exciting activities can be a drag. Below are a few activities to spice up your classes:

  1. One of the activities that I always had such great success with was cooking or making food. Your school may not have a full equipped kitchen, but you can also put together things like salads or desserts that don’t need to be cooked. The amount of activities, vocabulary and language you can get from cooking is really endless:
  • Verbs for preparing food
  • The names of different types of food for lower levels and young learners
  • Functional language used in a restaurant, done in a role play
  • Creating, writing and acting in a cooking programme
  • Exposure to different food from different part of the world
  • Shopping for ingredient at the supermarket
  1. Getting out into the fresh air does wonders for bored and uninspired students and teachers alike. And what better way than to take part in some type of physical activity. The majority of your students are sure to like and play a sport of some kind and you could maybe go so far as to organise some type of Language School Olympics. Once again, you could spend days or even weeks with all the spin off activities, vocabulary and language:
  • Verbs for the different actions in sport (serve, volley, smash for tennis)
  • Expression used for wishing someone luck or congratulating them on winning
  • A role play of a sport’s commentator watching a game
  • Organising and advertising the event
  • Exposure to different sports from different parts of the world

Sometimes it’s an idea to just change your routine and to get a fresh perspective. Teaching EFL is such a fun and flexible job that with a bit of thought and preparation, you can have engaged, interested and happy students. Let your imagination run wild and see what comes out!