The other day I heard someone talking of the millennial student. It left me wondering what would that mean for a student learning English. What exactly is a millennial student?  A millennial is strongly defined by community and in particularly social media networking. Social media should then surely play an important role in Learning a language. The techsavvy student can use technology, websites and apps to help learn English. Social media platforms offer opportunities for students to connect easily with their classmates, peer learners and teachers. Social media is a relatively new concept in language learning, however a very useful one.

But How?

Develop communication and language skills

With relevant conversations taking place on platforms such as Facebook or twitter. A student can interact with people across the globe, every day, during or well after your English course at Oxford English Academy.

Combines blended learning and encourages autonomous learners.

Unlike text books and classrooms the interaction with the language is authentic and promotes independent learning using online media platforms

Motivational and fun

The conversations or topics create meaningful interaction and topics of interest can be followed.

Student – Teacher

For your English language classes and Oxford English Academy. There is a vast amount of resources written and audio videos you can view on YouTube or share on YouTube and Vimeo where forums of discussion are commented on.

 What social media

  • Facebook – interactive, meaningful relevant conversation
  • Twitter (micro blogging)
  • Video sharing/Blogging – YouTube and Vimeo
  • Duolingo – app allows students to connect with one another and level up.
  • LinkedIn – for professionals to read articles, link with other professionals and even write their own.

There is a certain “Netiquette” as to how social media is used so be cautious What and Who you share with, but using this globalized online world we now live in learning English has never been easier. With little time for face to face interaction in our already rapidly emerging millennial techsavvy world we can be connected to the global community and never stop learning English and having English conversations.