I have to say I’m beyond tired. Every muscle in my body is screaming “what have you done?” Yesterday because of our fitness resolutions my sisters and I decided to wake up at 06:30 to go for a morning hike. I’m not a morning person but I was surprised that I was up and ready to go by 07:00 and a lot more eager than the usual days we go on hikes. So we packed our bag full with smoothies, protein bars and tons of water. We decided to go to the Elephant’s Eye Cave because apparently we have been going up Lion’s Head for a while now and they have finally re-opened the Elephant’s eye cave trails. The Elephant’s Eye Cave is a short and easy hike. It takes about two hours to go up and down. The scenery is not as alluring as Lion’s Head but it’s still perfect, from the fog covering the tiny forest to the cave itself. As said before the route is fairly easy in the beginning but there are tons of rocks to watch out for. As you reach close to the end it gets a bit difficult but I’m sure seeing the cave will be motivation enough. The cave is not only the beauty that is in the nature reserve, there is also an amazing dam filled with laughter and boerewors smell in the air, but watch out because South African baboons are fans of the boerewors as well. It is a great way to cool down after getting sunburnt during the hike. The water just had us doing laps that we didn’t even pack for. In order to experience all this fun you just have to pay a conservation fee of R45 per adult and R25 for children.