School of English choices can be hard. There is so much to take into account when choosing an English school! In this blog post I will be discussing choosing an English school for your study abroad programme and why Oxford English Academy is a good choice.

School of English choices can be hard. Choose a school that is in an English country, has a good online presence and is flexible and accommodating.

Choose a School of English in a Country where English is the Lingua Franca

You can learn English at one of Oxford English Academy’s schools in Oxford in the UK or in Cape Town in South Africa. In both countries you will be surrounded by English, meaning that you will speed up learning English tremendously. We call this an immersion programme.

Choose a School of English that has a Useful and Informative Website

At Oxford English Academy, we pride ourselves in having a website that gives students all the information they need. On our site students can read authentic reviews from past students, can see what our social programme is like and can get valuable information about enrolment and visas. You can also contact us at any time for more information.

Choose a School of English with a Facebook Page where you can see what Student Life is Like

Our Facebook pages are updated daily and you can see what our students do in school and on their social programme , as well as getting information about the city. Our pages also give valuable English learning Infographics.

Choose a School of English that is Flexible and Accommodating

At Oxford English Academy, our students come first. This means that we will do anything we can to accommodate your needs. We create custom made courses for students with very specific needs. We offer many interesting special offers throughout the year to give students the chance to study with us.

Choosing to learn English abroad can be an overwhelming and daunting task. By choosing a good school like Oxford English Academy, much of your stress will disappear. We do everything in our power to ensure that our students have a good trip, starting from when they decide to learn English with us to when they leave at the end of their trip. So contact us today and we will make sure that you have an amazing study abroad experience!