School for learning English in Cape Town? Look no further than Oxford English Academy. Below is a genuine review about our school in Cape Town.

School for learning English in Cape Town? A student from Saudi tells why he wants to learn English, why he chose Cape Town and also Oxford English Academy.

The countries and climate couldn’t be more different. The way in which people go about their daily lives is questionably on opposite ends of the spectrum. Culture and lifestyle are slightly more similar in modern times, I am told. However, it is the language that we are focusing on; Arabic may be the first language but English is fast becoming one of the most sought after acquisitions in Saudi Arabia.

Here at Oxford English Academy, in Cape Town we get students from all over the world and one noticeable group of students we get come from the Middle East, specifically Saudi Arabia. I am told by one of our students, Waleed Bajowaiber, that many people from Saudi Arabia are looking to learn English and those that have a basic understanding are looking to develop their English language knowledge to a point where they can then use it to further their careers.

I sat down with Waleed and we discussed why he thinks English is becoming more attractive to Saudi residents and why he chose to come all the way to Cape Town to learn it.

When did you arrive in Cape Town?

I arrived here on the 6th of October 2016.

How long have you been studying English?

More or less 7 months, 2 months in Jeddah and now, about 5 months in Cape Town. I will stay here one more month.

Why did you Choose a School for Learning English in Cape Town?

I heard about Cape Town, South Africa from a friend; he said that it is a beautiful place with interesting and friendly people. Oxford English Academy was recommended to me by an agent in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Why do you think English is becoming popular for Saudi Arabians?

Mainly for work, many of the companies want their employees to speak English. This has had an effect on the universities as well and they now require students to speak English for many of the courses.

Why are you learning English?

Because I need it to study at university.

Do you think it is important to Choose a School for learning English?

Yes, of course, because English is now a global language. You need it everywhere you go and it helps to open doors to the World and many opportunities.

Today we have focused primarily on why English has become so popular amongst Saudi Arabians and why it is important. Watch this space as next week, in Part 2, we will be asking Waleed how his experience has been in Cape Town and if he recommends that you do the same.