You can’t really mention Cape Town without talking about the University up the mountains. Probably one of Cape Town’s pride and joy, and trust me they know. That’s why this week I have decided that one of the things to do in Cape Town would be watching the Varsity Cup.  If you aren’t familiar with Varsity Rugby, it is the collective name for four South African rugby union competitions involving the top rugby playing universities in South Africa. It was launched in 2008 by the founding members which are the Maties (Stellenborsh University), the NMMU Madibaz (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University), NWU Pukke (North-West University), TUT Vikings (Tshwane University of Technology), UCT Ikey Tigers (University of Cape Town), UFS Shimlas (University of Free State), University of Johannesburg and the UP Tuks (University of Pretoria). The Varsity Cup is one of these competitions and it consists of the above founding members. The thing that is nice about the Varsity Cup is that it is a community tournament. If you have watched a few American movies about college football then you basically know the gist of Varsity Rugby. If after all the years in University or tertiary education, you feel like you could still tolerate the presence of students then this game is the perfect thing to watch. The matches usually start at around 18:30 and you would experience the unity between varsity students when they are cheering for their team or just waiting for the after party to start. It is still a safe environment for families and kids as long as they make sure that they leave before 21:30 when the beast in students is unleashed. There are various stalls of food and beverages with the classic South African Boerewors roll, chips and popcorn for anyone who is planning on having a carbs only dinner. For us who are strictly on a paleo diet it would be just us and the game