I usually check out what’s happening in Oxford as part of me learning about the city. While going through the various news of the week I saw an article (Top Ten Craft Beer Pubs in Oxford) on The Guardian that reminded me of one of the blog posts published on our blog. The blog post is Friday at the Beerhouse. Well it seems like the obsession with gourmet food and products has taken the world by storm. Everyone from Europe to Africa is asking for grass-fed beef and craft beers. If you are asking yourself what this means, grass-fed beef would be meat from a cattle that is allowed to graze for their own food forming the most natural diet possible as compared to grain fed cattle. Craft beers would be small batch brewing which emphasises more on the quality of the beer and the brewing technique instead of quantity. The adoption of this trend in Oxford has slightly enlightened my stereotypical thoughts of Europeans just having a pint of stout. The balanced transition to more modern looking bars yet still possessing the classic Victorian atmosphere has to be what is most exciting about these bars, the best example would be the 1855 bar. Some bars are found at the beautiful Oxford Castle Quarter which was previously home to the Norman Oxford Castle, then the infamous Oxford prison. What is amazing is that parts of these historic buildings still remain. However, the rest of the Quarter is nestled with an exciting hub of bars and restaurants, including a familiar name of The Slug and Lettuce which is the same as the gastropub in Newlands Cape Town. The quarter is also home to a beautiful gallery and boutique hotel. What made me happy when I was doing all this research about these bars and where they are situated, was how the city of Oxford was able to keep the integrity of their historic building but also include modern establishments.