While you were making the exciting and exhilarating decision to travel to Cape Town and learn English at Oxford English Academy, you would of course have realised that South Africa is quite a destination. Travelling to our part of the world takes time and for many it will be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Therefore we always encourage our students to make the most of their time here and to see and do as much as possible. And this includes taking a holiday!

If you are here for a while and can take a week or so off, I would really suggest you try to see more of our beautiful country. South Africa might seem like a vast country compared to many other countries and to go travelling around might seem daunting. But it need not be because there are many different ways to get around and to see everything we have to offer. Over the next three blogs I will write about the different modes of transport available and where they can take you in and around South Africa.

Let’s start with planes! South Africa is slowly but surely acquiring new, small and cheap airlines. This opens up the doors to some weird and wonderful places that you may not have considered yet. Airlines such as Safair and Kulula offer affordable flights to some exciting destinations. If you have ever considered going on a safari you cannot come to South Africa without experiencing the Kruger National Park. The park is located in the northeast and is one of Africa’s largest game reserves. Here you will find an incredible variety of wild animals including the famous Big 5: lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants and buffalos. Hundreds of other mammals and birds make their home here. The landscape includes a range of mountains, bush plains and tropical forests. With South African Airways can fly from Cape Town to a small airport in a town called Nelspruit. From here you can get transfers into the reserve to the camp you have decided on. There is nothing quite like waking up to an elephant passing your front door or having a giraffe stick its neck into your tent to say good morning!

Besides flying to the north, why not spread your wings and head to the Eastern side of the country. Here you will find a city called Durban, known for its Indian, African and colonial influences. Durban, along with the whole KwaZulu Natal coastal region, boasts some of South Africa’s most beautiful beaches. The climate here is quite humid and this makes a visit during the cold Capetonian winter months a welcome break.

I have only mentioned two interesting places to which you can fly in South Africa. There is an array of places to visit that will keep you in a state of permanent awe. In my next blog I will go into more detail about incredible train journeys you can take from Cape Town. So jump on board and get ready to be amazed at everything that you can endeavour to do while learning English in Cape Town!