I am sure you are thinking that I have my continents all mixed up. But did you know there are penguins in South Africa? Not in the zoo, I mean living out in the wild, on the beach and between the rocks of the Western Cape? You don’t have to go all the way to one of the Poles to see wild penguins; all you need to do is to visit Betty’s Bay in the Western Cape of South Africa.

Betty’s Bay is a very small seaside village not too far from Cape Town. It is the ideal day trip while studying English at Oxford English Academy in Cape Town. Get some friends together and rent a car for the day as driving down to Betty’s Bay along the coast is a terrific road trip with beautiful scenery. It is surrounded by a nature reserve covered with fynbos and other indigenous vegetation that you will only come across in the Western Cape.

Most people think you are joking when you ask them if they have seen the African Penguins living here in the Western Cape on the beach! You would think they need cold temperatures all year round wouldn’t you? But these penguins have adjusted to the harsh African sun and live year round on the beach at Stoney Point.

Stoney Point Penguin Reserve protects a small breeding colony of African Penguins. You can walk through the breeding colony along the raised walkway that runs along the beach. Most of the penguins will be sitting on the rocks or in pools of water, where they cool down a bit in summer. In the winter most of them are huddled in their beach nests all along the walkway.

These penguins are so cute and you will be able to see the penguins nesting up close and watch as they dive into the waves searching for food. But please prepare yourself for the smell, as hundreds of penguins living together create quite an odour!