Oxford learning is English learning. Even though learning English is hard, we have history to help us with moving forward. A place that is synonymous with learning is Oxford in England. Firstly this is where you’ll find the University of Oxford. Secondly this is where you’ll find Oxford English Academy.

xford Learning is English Learning. Oxford English Academy offers the same high quality Oxford learning in all its schools around the world.

Oxford Learning is English Learning

With education at the forefront of development in the town, Oxford has grown on the foundations of learning. There are no specific dates for when the University was founded, however the learning is dated back in the year 1096. Oxford English Academy bases it Oxford learning on a tradition that dates back 1000 years. We take pride in the history of the Oxford and everything it stands for and make sure that we encapsulate those principles in what we do every day at Oxford English Academy. Visit our Pinterest page which is full of tips and ideas to make the learning process easier.

Oxford Learning in Other Parts of the World

If you look at our site, you will see that we have many other schools abroad. You can learn English in Vladivostok or Kunming. You can even learn English in Libya or Egypt. We have a campus in the beautiful Cape Town in South Africa for example and a quick search on our site will show you all our campuses and once you choose, you allow us to bring a bit of that Oxford history to you. With our other schools we try to bring Oxford learning to you. Firstly this includes the highest quality British English tuition. Secondly this includes highly qualified and experienced teachers. Thirdly this include the newest British English materials and resources. So the best place to learn English is Oxford and the best place is Oxford English Academy. Take our word for it.