Oxford English language course? If you are looking to learn English abroad, then an English school in Oxford is a fantastic option for your immersion programme. Oxford is a gorgeous city that is a delightful mixture of modern and ancient, with a young, vibrant and cosmopolitan population. In addition you will have more than 50 language schools to choose from. So why choose Oxford English Academy? Below are 3 good reasons why our school is the best choice for an English school in Oxford:

Choose an Oxford English language course with Oxford English Academy. They offer a small school, close to homestays with evening classes for extra practice. Choose an Oxford English Language Course in a Small School

We are a small English school and this is actually a great advantage for our students. We treat students like family. And all the staff and teachers go out of their way to accommodate each student’s unique needs. Many of our students comment that they feel so at home in our school. They also feel special because of the personal treatment they receive. This is why we have many referrals and returning students.

Choose an Oxford English Language Course in a School Close to your Homestay

Our school is conveniently situated in the same area as the majority of host families. This means that students can often walk to school, reducing travel time and costs. And if students want hustle and bustle, they can hop on a bus and be in the city centre in a few minutes.

Choose an Oxford English Language Course in the Evenings

We offer evening classes and this is not very common for English schools in Oxford. These classes are great for our immersion students who want to make the most of their time in Oxford. This is because it speeds up their English learning. It is also an advantage for second language speakers who live and work in Oxford because they are able to take classes after work.

Choose an Oxford English Language Course with Oxford English Academy

When choosing an English school in Oxford, you are spoilt for choice. But may I suggest seriously considering Oxford English Academy because I can guarantee that you will enjoy your time with us. But don’t just take my word for it. Read and listen to our past students who have left testimonials about their time in Oxford.