Oxford English course? At Oxford English Academy, we have a variety of different courses that you can choose in order to get yourself to the top of the English ladder. How can you do this? Read on to find out.

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Oxford English Course gives you all the tools to develop your English. Oxford English Academy helps you with your English learning.

What English Courses does Oxford English Academy offer?

We do our best to accommodate every type of learner, young and old. Oxford English Academy works hard to place you in the right class and in the right course. We have basic English classes, which offer 22 hours of class time per week. Perhaps you want more time in the class, then the Fast Track English course is better, with 32 hours per week.

You will see that we also offer IELTS and Cambridge exam preparation. There is the option of private classes. If all this is not enough we still offer classes such as Aviation English and Medical English. There is something for everyone.

Where do I start with my Oxford English Course?

Oxford English Academy has an online placement test so that you can see your level before making any decisions. Once you know your level you can decide what course to do. Have a look at our courses and choose which one best suits you.

Our blog has great tips and tricks to get started

What makes the Oxford English Course better than the rest?

Oxford English Academy has an online platform, aptly named Oxford English Online. This platform allows the classes to be dynamic. We have adopted a pedagogical style of blended learning at Oxford English Academy. That means that we don’t only use books, like the old days. We have TVs in every classroom. In addition we encourage our students to use their laptops and phones. This allows for an interactive classroom. And it also means that students can be involved. Because the class does not exist only in books, the students can access the information wherever they are.

Oxford English Course will definitely help you with your English learning. Oxford English Academy is waiting for you.