Your Oxford English Course Online is available before you arrive at one of our English schools, during your course and even after your course for 3 months.

Oxford English Course Online

Oxford English Academy is very happy to offer our students Oxford English Online from the 20th of June 2017. We believe in offering only the best quality English tuition at our schools. Therefore this added service will give students the opportunity to reach their English learning goals quicker and more effectively. So what does Oxford English Online offer students?

Before your English Course

Once you have booked your English course with Oxford English Academy, you will have access to Oxford English Online. This is your Oxford English course online.

Firstly you can contact the school through the system with any queries before you arrive. Secondly you have access to our library of resources so you can start brushing up on your English. Thirdly you will see what social programme is on offer and decide on activities you might like to take. Fourthly you can see your class schedule so that you have an idea what your day will look like.  Lastly you can take a placement test before you arrive to check your English level. By the time you start your course, you will be fully prepared to learn English and to achieve your goals.

During your English Course

During your course you will have access to individualized learning plans, progress tracking, daily video articles, online course material and teacher tutorials. In this way, you will be able to extend your English learning beyond the physical classroom and into a virtual one that is always available for you to attend.

There is a grammar app you can download to your phone so that you can look up and practise any grammar points that you feel you need help with, on the go.

You will have access to your class schedule and the social program calendar, so that you can plan your exploration of the city and other fun activities so that they don’t clash with valuable class time.

You will be able to request appointments or meeting with staff members. Our open door policy is now online too.

After your English Course

You will have full access to Oxford English Online for three months after your course. This means that you will be able to practise your English and to maintain your level after you leave Oxford English Academy.

Oxford English Online has been created to ensure that you receive the very best English learning experience possible by going the extra mile to ensure you achieve your English-learning goals. Click here to contact us so that you can book your course and have access to Oxford English Online.