Oxford English Academy English School Oxford is our flagship school. Our school in South Africa is based in the beautiful mother city of Cape Town. We’ve written many blogs posts about the stunning city and all the incredible adventures you can embark upon while there. However, our name is Oxford English Academy. Which surely must imply that we have a school in Oxford, and of course we do!

About Oxford

Use the name Oxford and thousands of scholars would love the opportunity to visit this educational hub, immersing themselves amongst some of the best brains in the world. Surely, being able to say you learnt quality in English at a school in Oxford is a dream to many!

We like to refer to our school in the suburb of Kidlington, Oxford as a boutique school. Why? Because it is a school where we have time for every individual student and their learning journey. Therefore our school in Oxford prides itself on the fact that each student is made to feel part of the family while they are there. And the same is true for long after they leave.

Our School

The school offers various courses in small classes, ensuring your every learning need is catered for. At the same time we thrive on strong academic leadership, along with excellent student services. The surroundings are tranquil, yet just a hop, skip and jump from the hustle and bustle of Oxford city centre.

School Accommodation

Being able to boast with the fact that our school’s homestay families are all within walking distance is second to none in Oxford. We offer the unique experience of living in small town England while having access to all the exciting attractions that Oxford has to offer. Our families are handpicked to ensure they extend the student’s learning experience after hours.

Our language school Oxford English Academy is one of many English school in Oxford. Going to school in Oxford is a dream for many and we are offering to help you make that dream come true. Ensuring that you learn top quality English is our missions and will endeavour to make your English dreams come true! And your choice to learn English with us, will be the best choice you make!