Oxford English Academy loves summer! Summer English courses at English schools in Oxford are extremely popular. And at Oxford English Academy, this is no exception. Students from all over the world attend our school during June, July and August. They come to experience the beautiful British summer, to explore historical Oxford and to brush up on their English. So what are the characteristics of a summer English course in Oxford?

Oxford English Academy loves summer courses in Oxford. Courses offer an exciting social programme, accommodation and practical and useful English courses.

Oxford English Academy loves Summer Groups

Groups of students from the same school, university or town often attend these courses. Age groups may vary but nationalities are more often than not the same.

Oxford English Academy loves Summer Social Programme

Summer courses are often very much about the social programme. It is a shame to sit indoors when the weather is gorgeous outside. Students take part in lots of exciting activities after class. Activities can include visiting museums, visiting the many historical building of Oxford University and taking day trips to London.

Oxford English Academy loves Summer Accommodation

Students often like to stay in residence accommodation. This is especially true for the young learners who like to have their friends nearby at all times.  And they are easier for their chaperones to manage in one place. Oxford University has many residences that are open during the summer as the university students are on holiday. Older students prefer to stay in host family accommodation where they can have a bit more freedom and be forced to speak English to their hosts.

Oxford English Academy loves Summer Courses

Most students like to take General English, which raises their overall level of English. They attend class from 9 until 12 during the week and take part of their activities after that. It is interesting to note however, that we are seeing an increase of groups of students taking IELTS preparation courses, even if it is for a short intensive period of time.

A summer English course in Oxford is a wonderful, enriching experience that I can highly recommend. Contact us to find out about the special packages we have available for groups. Hope to see you soon!