In today’s post, we look at another way that Oxford English Academy engages with and reaches out to our students and agents online. With the majority of our clients being in other countries, it is vital that we offer a good online experience. In this post we will look at our website’s chat function.

Oxford English Academy is contactable in a number of different ways and students and agents can choose how they want to interact with us. They might decide to email us, send us a Facebook message or they might even call us. We do have a much quicker and more cost-effective form of contact in our website chat. Below are the benefits of contacting us in this way:

1. This is contact for people who want answers immediately. The chat happens in real-time and gives users the possibility to ask a lot of questions in a short space of time.

2. The agents who man the chat are extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of our schools, be it tuition, teachers, accommodation, cost of living or visa processes.

3. The agents can answer detailed queries about our schools in Oxford and in Cape Town. They can also direct any enquiries for the other 7 schools in the franchise.

4. Agents can create and send quotes and invoices immediately, as well as making any required amendments.

5. The chat has a mobile app so enquiries can be answered outside of office hours as well.

6. Should we not be able to answer immediately, there is the option to conveniently email us through the chat application. We answer email enquiries as quickly as possible.

In an effort to be as approachable as possible, the chat function on our website is another way that we offer our students and clients to reach out. And if you’re as impatient as I am, then this is definitely for you!