Today we have one last look at Oxford English Academy’s online presence and how we try to make the lives of our students and agents easier.

In my previous posts I spoke about our new website , about Facebook and social media and about our chat facility . Today I would like to look more closely at all the things that students and agents can do online on our new website, in terms of booking and registering.

1.  Students can now register for our schools in either Oxford or Cape Town. Students can choose their course and accommodation type, inform us of any food preferences or health issues, as well as booking an airport transfer. Once we have received this, we send out a quote or an invoice. There’s no need to print anything out, to fill anything in or to scan and send anything back to us. Easy!

2.  As I mentioned in a previous post, students can book fantastic specials directly from the website. All online payments are secure and made through a very reputable third party to ensure privacy and security. We use PayPal, which is recognized worldwide. In addition, PayPal accepts credit card orders for those who don’t have an account with them.

3.  Lastly, we are very happy to offer agents their own special area, where they can register to become an agent for our schools in Oxford and Cape Town. There are a number of fantastic benefit for agents:

a.  They are able to download registration forms, brochures and general info about our schools.

b.  They are able to download presentations that can be used to show potential students about our schools.

c.   They will automatically be added to our database and will receive weekly news and special offers directly to their inboxes.

d.   The will receive special discounts, higher commission rates and free weeks, as registered agents.

In keeping with our mission to stay abreast of technology and to make the lives of our students and agents easier, we created our new website and general online presence to give students and agents a positive online experience. Enjoy!