Oxford English Academy is a fantastic choice for an English school for a number of reasons. If you are looking to study British English abroad, or if you’re looking for a business English academy, then we are your school. Below are 5 good reasons to choose Oxford English Academy.

Oxford English Academy is an excellent choice for an English academy. We offer world-class ESL, Business English and British English courses.

Oxford English Academy teaches English Right

This means that our teachers are highly qualified, experienced and also caring. They make it their mission to ensure that students learn English successfully. In addition they are constantly trained and observed to ensure they stay at the top of their games.

Oxford English Academy offers Specialised Courses

We want our students to be happy so we create courses just for them. You also get a special programme on our online system. This could be extra pronunciation classes or exam preparation classes concentrating on a very specific part of the exam that you are struggling with.

Oxford English Academy weaves ESL into Everything

This means offering accommodation with English-speaking host families, offering a varied social programme where students get to practise their English and of course offering world-class English tuition.

Oxford English Academy offers Business English

As the working world becomes more competitive, we know that students need to be one step ahead. This often means being able to communicate effectively in English, in a difficult business environment. We teach skills such as giving presentations, chairing meetings and also more specific skills such as those needed in aviation, medicine, marketing and engineering, to name a few.

Oxford English Academy is Online

We know that students demand the ability to learn English on the go and to have access to extra materials. Our online system gives students all this, and more. It is also a way for students to easily communicate with the school, before, during and after their course.

When choosing an English academy, consider Oxford English Academy. We offer a world-class English learning experience. And if you don’t find exactly what you need, we are more than happy to accommodate you in any way that we can.