Oxford English Academy Cape Town recruits students to learn English in the MENA Region. There are various factors that influence student recruitment trends worldwide. The region we focused on while I was on my recent visit to Dubai is known as the MENA region. The Middle East and North Africa make up this region. During one of the ICEF seminars they shared many interesting facts about the region and the current student trends. I thought I would share some of the facts with you over the next two blog posts.

Oxford English Academy Cape Town Recruits in the MENA Region

About the MENA Region

You may ask how big this market is to begin with. The population in the MENA region will skyrocket from 432 million in 2007 to 700 million by 2050. And at the moment 70% of the population is under the age of 30. Thus, proving to be a fast-growing vast number of young people. This market is big and dynamic. This means that overseas enrolments to international institutions could increase by 50% over the next ten years.

Students often leave school lacking the much-needed foreign language level required by universities. In the same way they aren’t ready for the job market they wish to enter. “More firms in MENA contend that inadequate labour force skills, both technical and soft, impede their growth and ability to hire employees.” At the same time, students lose an average of two years after high school before they enter university.

Why Oxford English Academy Cape Town Chooses to Recruit in the MENA Region

It is not all doom and gloom though. The region as a whole is rapidly improving the quality of education. Adult literacy levels have seen great improvement. These levels have improved almost 20% in 20 years.

“Saudi Arabia was the world’s fifth largest country of origin for those studying abroad and Iran the tenth – accounting for 62,500 and 51,600 students abroad respectively.” Middle Eastern countries are proportionally increasing their presence in the world study abroad market.

I strongly believe countries like Iran will become a market that we should keep an eye. This is due to their political situation improving.  And it follows that education can take the forefront as they reenter the global market.

In my next blog post I will tell you more about my personal experiences while exploring the incredible city Dubai and meeting interesting people from all over the world.