Do I Need a Visa to Study at Oxford English Academy in Cape Town?

If you want to study at Oxford English Academy in the South Africa, then you may be required to apply for a study visa. Please click here for more information about whether or not you need a study visa and for information about applying for a study visa.

What is a Study Visa?

The Study Permit for South Africa is a temporary residence permit that can be applied for by any foreign applicant who has been accepted as a full time student at any recognised university, college or school in South Africa to allow the person to study in South Africa.

What are the Requirements?

The primary requirement to be able to qualify to apply for a study permit to allow a person to study in South Africa is to be formally accepted into a full time course at a recognised education institution in South Africa.

Am I Allowed to Work on a Study Visa?

A person holding a study permit is permitted to undertake part–time work during the validity of the permit as long as the person is studying at a recognised higher education institution. The holder of a study permit is also permitted to undertake full time work during their vacation periods during the validity of the study permit.

A person cannot qualify for permanent residence through the study permit category.

What is a Visitor’s Visa?

A visitor’s visa for South Africa is issued to any foreign person whose intention it is to visit South Africa for up to 90 days for any purpose other than those accommodated by visas for work, business, retirement etc.

Citizens of specific countries are considered visa exempt and are not required to apply for a visa prior to departure for South Africa. A person from a visa exempt country will be issued a visa (for either 30 days or 90 days depending on their nationality) upon arrival as long as they can provide, upon request, specific financial and other guarantees e.g. sufficient funds and a return flight ticket.

Citizens of specific countries that are non–exempt must apply for and receive a visitor’s visa for South Africa from a South African Consulate, Embassy or High Commission in their country of residence prior to travelling to South Africa.

A person who is to enter South Africa to engage in an Academic Sabbatical or for voluntary, charitable, research activities etc. can, upon application, be issued with a visitor’s visa for up to 36 months provided that applicant has sufficient funds and has met the other requirements as required by the Department of Home Affairs. This must be applied for at a South African Consulate, Embassy or High Commission in the person’s country of residence.

Can I Work on a Visitor’s Visa?

A person cannot work on a Visitor’s Visa but a ‘short term’ authorisation can be issued to a foreign person to allow for them to visit South Africa for a specific purpose such as for business meetings, training, performing in a show, participating in a sports event, a short term project etc.

Citizens from visa exempt countries are required to apply for the necessary permission prior to departing for South Africa to be issued the authorised visitor’s visa upon arriving in South Africa.

Citizens from countries that are non-exempt will need to apply for and receive their visitor’s visa from a South African Consulate, Embassy or High Commission in their country of residence.

Any Advice on Making the Process Easier?

  • Give yourself time!
  • Ensure that you are choosing the right permit!
  • Find out exactly what is required and how long it takes to get documents!
  • Only seek assistance from registered Immigration practitioners, lawyers or immigration specialists!!

Young Learners

At Oxford English Academy we take the responsibility of your child very seriously.

What are the General Rules my Child will Have to Follow?

Your child will be required to sign in at reception every day when he/she arrives at the school. He/she will also need to sign out every day when he/she leaves the school. He/she will wear a yellow lanyard so that he/she is easily identifiable to staff and other students as being under 18 years old. This must be worn at all times in the school.

Will my Child be in the Same Class as Adults?

It depends on their age. Your child will be highlighted on the register in yellow so that the teacher knows he/she is under 18 years old. 16 and 17 year olds will study in classes with mixed age groups. Under 16 year olds will study in closed groups only.

Can my Child Attend all Social Activities?

We provide social activities for the students. However, some may not be suitable for under 18 year olds. It is essential, therefore, that the child comes to reception to speak to the student services officer if he/she wishes to attend the activity. The student services officer will then inform them whether they may attend or not, and will accompany the child on all activities.

Do you Use Special Accommodation for Children?

Yes we do. All of the families we use for under 18 year olds are regularly inspected and carefully inspected.

Are there Curfew Times?

Your child must agree to be back at the host family’s house at specific curfews.

  • 16 and 17 year olds – 22:30
  • Under 16 year olds – 21:30

What Emergency Procedures are in Place to Ensure the Safety of my Child?

If your child is more than 20 minutes late to class in the morning or has not signed in at reception, we will immediately call the host family to attempt to locate the child. If we are not able to locate your child, we will notify the police and the emergency contact (parent, legal guardian) as appropriate. Similarly, if the child has not arrived after the curfew time in the evening, the same procedure will be followed.

Airport Transfares

Can Oxford English Academy arrange Airport Transfers?

At Oxford English Academy we offer a beginning to end service and this includes collecting students from the airport. Airport transfers can be arranged on request. A driver from the school will be waiting at the airport for you and will take you directly to your accommodation. Transfers can be arranged for anytime but can only be from Cape Town International Airport.

Medical Insurance

Do I need Medical Insurance?

When travelling abroad, it is always advisable to have travel and medical insurance. Often it is also a requirement for obtaining a visa. Oxford English Academy can provide travel and medical insurance upon request and can be purchased before the course or at the school upon arrival.

Image Rights

What happens to Photos and Videos taken of me during my time at Oxford English Academy?

It is automatically assumed that photographs or video taken during lessons or activities can be used in Oxford English Academy brochures or other printed or online promotional materials, including social media, unless the Student objects at the time the photograph is taken. Any images given to the school or its staff may be used in Oxford English Academy promotional materials without charge to the School and without obligation to credit the owner of the image.