An aspect of British life that I stumbled upon early in my stay was their incredible pub culture. Pubs in England are family orientated and host events that are fun for all. One such activity is a pub quiz. To take part in a quiz night, all you need to do is head down to the pub with a group of friends, armed with all your trivia and general knowledge. In Oxford there is no shortage of pubs who host these weekly events. Highly recommended is The Royal Oak pub, who hosts a pub night every Monday evening.

During such a quiz you can be asked anything under the sun! For example: “What do the following three movies have in common: The Italian Job, Harry Potter and Saving Private Ryan?” Stumped? Well, they were all shot in and around Oxford! In fact if you are studying at Oxford English Academy in Oxford you will have many opportunities to explore famous landmarks that have shown up in various films. As a visitor to this exciting city you may want to put your newly acquired English language skills into practise during your explorations. A fun way to do this would be to head out every day and to practise a new verb! Now you may ask, what is a verb? In its most basic form, a verb is a word which describes an action.

During your stay it is highly advisable for you to take a walking tour of the city. Experience Oxfordshire offer a variety of tours through Oxford. They will even take you to the sites where Harry Potter was filmed and if ghosts are your thing you can “join Bill Spectre on one of the world’s top Ghost Tours to discover Oxford’s dark secrets.” Another exciting adventure is to climb the Carfax Tower, also known as the 14th century church of St Martin. There are about a hundred stairs to climb but it’s said to be well worth it.

Tripadvisor’s number one activity in Oxford is the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology. Here you will see a variety of exhibitions that are astounding to say the least. A little further down on their list is the Bodleian Library, where you will be able to pass hours browsing through and reading all they have to offer. Personally I would probably get stuck at the Oxford Covered Market where retailers sell amazingly fresh produce, flowers and souvenirs. Sounds like the kind of place where I could shop (by far my favourite verb) to my heart’s content.

At the end of the day you may find yourself a little tired after all these activities, so why not head back to the pub and drink a cold beverage of your choice!