Online English school with Google? As a naturally curious person, the internet, with Google in particular, has improved my life considerably! I adore the fact that almost all the knowledge of the world is at my fingertips. I could in theory know everything, if only I could remember it all! And the same goes for learning English. But with all good things that are this easy, it is pertinent to practise some common sense and caution when browsing the web. Below are some of my tips:

Online English school with Google? There are so many good sites and there is so much free info online to help you learn English. You just have to look! Online English School is Best with Reputable Sites

Only use sites that are well-written and well-regarded. As an English learner, you will soon become familiar with names that are synonymous with good English. You can visit most British Council sites for example, safe in the knowledge that you are receiving the correct information. Visit LearnEnglish for a host of useful videos, worksheets and tips on learning English.

Investigate Thoroughly Before you Decide to Buy

As with most sites today, it’s a good idea to read reviews and testimonials about that particular site. This is particularly true of you decide to buy a subscription for a course. Firstly you can read the comments that people leave. Secondly take a look at their social media profiles. Here people are able to give honest and unsolicited feedback.

Online English School Site info Must be Double Checked

If you are looking for the correct form or use of a particular grammar point, try and find unrelated sites that confirm each other. As with any information, it is best to double and even triple check that it is correct.

Be aware that Google will often prioritize sites that play the Google search result algorithm. This does not mean that the site is necessarily the best. Google does work hard to ensure that what you are searching for appears, but clever programmers and computer geniuses are often able to find a way around this.

In other blog posts I have spoken about the power of the internet and how to use it to help you master the English language. You can use it when learning English at home by yourself, or on an immersion English programme abroad. Just remember to keep a clear head.  Only use a site if you can prove that it’s a good one!