Learning English grammar can be a daunting and overwhelming task, for even the most motivated and capable students. You might have heard the expression ‘the exception to the rule’ and this is the root cause of English grammar-learning stress and anger. When you feel you’ve mastered a particular grammar point, it is politely pointed out that there are cases where this rule does not apply. And this is where the hair pulling and swearing begins. But I’m here to tell you that this needn’t be the case. I’m saying that you don’t need to learn grammar to get by with English. Yes, that’s right…NO GRAMMAR!

But before you get excited and throw out your Murphy, which is a very popular and useful grammar reference book, just have a quick think about your motivation for learning English. If you are planning to study at an English-speaking university or are planning to apply for a job at an international company, you will probably need to have a good command of English and its rules. But, if you are not looking to be a proficient English speaker, then throwing out the grammar book is not such a bad idea. My advice is to rather let English wash over you in an enjoyable and exciting way that inspires and interest you. So how can this be done, you ask?

The absolute best way to learn English naturally is through an immersion programme. In this way you will be exposed to English from every angle, in shops, on television, in the streets and all around you. You will find English seeping into your pores and if you stay long enough, you will speak English like a native speaker in about a year or two.  In addition you will have the opportunity to experience the culture, sights and sounds of another country. Combine this with English classes at a reputable school such as Oxford English Academy in Oxford or Cape Town, and this process will be sped up even more. Granted, you may be exposed to some grammar rules in class, but with our Communicative Approach to teaching English which favours communication above all else, you will hardly notice it!