With the start of the New Year a lot of people have fitness resolutions, which includes me. I’m at the point where I live on smoothies and cold pressed juice, will also probably start only eating crudité for dinner. Who knows? The main problem I have is that I have always been that person who thinks weekends are solely for going out, be it to the farmers market, the beach or a picnic. However, when you have fitness aspirations you have to make sure that you work out as much as possible. Luckily I have found the perfect solution to kill two birds with one stone, hiking. While some might still view hiking as a workout I tell you going up Lion’s Head made me forget about my throbbing thighs and I just got captured by the beautiful scenery of Cape Town. Lion’s Head is a mountain in Cape Town between the famous Table Mountain and Signal Hill. It is a beautiful mountain overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The hike takes about two to three hours going up and down and the trail is beautiful from start to finish. From the moment you see the houses clustered by the ocean, to approaching that big tree with roots that through time have been polished to look like the finest oak table to finally reaching the top of the mountain and sitting on that highly on demand ledge even though it’s only available for a quick selfie. I made sure I brought tons of water and energy bars but if you grab a nice spot it is the perfect place to have your morning smoothie bowl or fruit salad and just watch out for the animals that lurk around. The bonus about a morning hike to the Lion’s Head is that not only would you get amazing instagram pictures but it is a guilty free sightseeing activity which might leave you proud if you are a first time hiker.