Travelling abroad, especially your first time, can be a very daunting experience as we have mentioned in previous blogs. One aspect that can be stressful is how to bring your money with you. Naturally in no country would it be suggested that you carry a wad of cash with you. There are a few different ways in which you can minimise the amount of cash you need to have on you.

There are different secure apps that you can install on your phone to use instead of carrying cash. Snapscan is a South African app with over 30 000 merchants signed up with which you can pay for a range of goods and services. All you do is link the app to your credit card and snap away. You can even pay for parking on Long Street right outside the school with Snapscan! Zapper is a similar app which is targeted at restaurants. Again you register, link your account and zap away.

The transportation app, Uber has taken the world by storm. It has revolutionised the way we travel, making it easier and more secure to use taxis. You can see your driver’s location and will not need any cash for your trip. In fact if you and a friend are going to separate locations you can even choose to split the fair. Drivers are recognised by their cars and registration numbers. We suggest all our students download this app to use when they are exploring Cape Town after dark.

If you are bringing cash from your country we will be happy to advise you about where the best rates are available to exchange your currency for South African Rand. Alternatively you can make sure to activate your credit and debit cards to work abroad and draw from the ATM here to automatically give you Rand. Just be sure to keep your cards safe! Some of our students find it most convenient to open a bank account while they are here. Once again Student Services at the school will be able to help you with regards to setting up a non-resident’s account at the bank located right below our Upper campus.

Whichever way you decide is the easiest for you, be assured that we will help in any we can. Even if it means keeping your spending money locked in our safe, no problem!