On my walk every day to Oxford English Academy Cape town I stroll different routes passing through the Company Gardens, or sometimes I walk down Long Street and stop off for my caffeine fix at Kamilli coffee.

However, what I look forward to the most is putting on my headphones and listening to music on my smartphone. I usually arrive at the English school having started my day with three of my favorite things, walking, coffee and music.

If you are like me and enjoy music and listen to it a lot, you will probably find yourself singing and humming a song that is stuck in your head and might even ponder the meaning of the song.

Sometimes in my spare time I often find myself looking up lyrics of songs.

 I find these sites for song lyrics useful.

A FUN way to expose yourself to spoken English and improve your English learning is to use these 3 simple steps.

1.       hearing – check what you hear with lyrics or just listen to the words.

2.      understanding – try to understand a song better (interpret parts or chunks) ask your friends or post on social media. On many YouTube video forums, people discuss the meaning of songs. I have had many FUN discussions interpreting what songs are about.

3      pronunciation – don’t just read aloud – singing along is far more fun and a great way to practice the sounds of English.

So, why use music to compliment your English courses?

·         It’s a great way to listen to every day colloquial language.

·          To become Familiar with sounds and rhythms and speech patterns.

·         Music teachers you more about English culture.

An easy and enjoyable way to learn and improve your foreign language skills through music videos. Why not try this website. There is even a Karaoke mode that allows you to sing and enjoy the full lyrics. This interactive website can help improve your ability to recognise sounds and words of a foreign language. Unconsciously training your brain whether you know the meaning of all the words or not.

So why not challenge yourself – practice and learn the lyrics of a new song every week and discuss with your classmates, teachers or your friends. And why not use your love for music on your journey to learn English.