So you have made the decision to travel abroad to learn English. You may have decided to make Oxford, England your home for the next few weeks or you may have opted for Cape Town, South Africa. Both these city are the proud homes of Oxford English Academy. At our schools we believe that not only will you learn English in the classroom, you will be encouraged to venture out into your temporary city of residence to keep learning at every chance you get! (Read our blog “No Grammar – No Problem’)

One of the most convenient ways of practising your English in everyday life will be through one of my favourite past times, shopping! I am sure that even the most basic of items such as food will look very foreign to you. I always find food shopping so very exciting in foreign countries. Once I thought I had bought a piece of cheese only to realise once I had left the shop that it was a block of yeast! This clearly explained the curious look from the sales lady, especially as the only other item I bought was a chocolate.

Why not, while you are browsing the shops ask an attendant for some assistance. Even if you do not buy anything, try on some shoes. Learn to ask for your size and fit. The only way to build your confidence is to keep trying. Both Oxford and Cape Town play host to some amazing shops, perfect for some retail therapy if you are feeling a little homesick. The V&A Waterfront in Cape Town offers world class shopping for every need. In Oxford, as in many English towns and cities you will find the city centre or High Street the place with the widest variety of amazing little shops.

Learning the basics of English, such as how to ask questions, is a wonderful way of enriching your stay in either country. Making mistakes is an integral part of the process and can provide for some hilarious moments and wonderful memories. Which is what we at Oxford English Academy guarantee you will leave with, great memories and certainly new friends.