I have always been willing to try out new things, if there is a place to learn about or go to I’m always excited to do so. Since I started blogging for Oxford English Academy I have become very interested in Oxford. I have to confess that my knowledge of Oxford is very miniscule and for a while I thought the name only referred to the university. Through my not so in-depth research I went to trip advisor to check out different places to go to in Oxford and I was surprised to see how educational most places are, in the formal sense. The top ten things to do according to trip advisor are going to the museum, the theatre, the library, the various colleges and the Oxford University. I’m sure all these places lack no prestige but what I was looking for were places where students went to unwind and forget the stresses of school. My failure in finding these places made me turn to student blogs about Oxford for what I thought would be an insightful yet informal platform. Insightful? Yes. Informal? Not so much. The first blog I checked out was Beer, Bikes, Books and Good Eats, sadly this rather enticing blog was available through invite only. The second blog was The Virtual Stoa, a blog by a politics tutor at the Magdalen College. The third was Trade Diversion, a blog on commentary about development, globalization and trade. The last one was The Soul Sister, a blog by an M.Phil student in Modern Languages from Brasenose College. I’m not saying that these blogs aren’t interesting, they are, but after a week of assessments would it be something I want to read about? Probably not. I still haven’t learned a lot about the students of Oxford or the youth of Oxford but until I visit and experience it for myself I will still be looking on the internet to inform me.