While studying at the Oxford English Academy I am sure that you will be exploring the cities of Cape Town or Oxford in the afternoons or during weekends. On these adventures you might have to ask for or even give directions to certain places.

The words below are the most important English vocabulary words used when talking about different places in and around the city.

These will help prevent any misunderstandings or that you get lost in this English speaking town.

Bakery – you can buy fresh bread and cakes here.

Bank/ATM- you can deposit or withdraw/take out your money here.

Bookstore – a place where you can buy books and magazines.

Bus station – the place you go when you want to travel by bus to another city.

Butcher’s – they sell fresh meat.

Café – you can buy a cup of coffee and cakes or sandwiches.

Church – a religious place of worship for Christians.

Craft market – a place that sells typical products (normally hand-made) of a region or country.

Department store – a large shop that sells clothes, household appliances etc. in sections.

The cinema/the movies – you can see the latest movies here.

Gas station/petrol station – the place you go to put petrol (gas) in your car.

Hairdresser’s – you go here when you want to cut have your hair cut.

Hospital – you go here when you are sick or need an operation.

Gallery – you can see paintings and other works of art.

Jail/prison – convicted criminals are sent here by a judge for a number of days or years.

Laundromat/launderette/dry-cleaners – a place where you can wash your clothes in coin-operated machines or have your clothes washed.

Museum – you can see many old objects and sometimes paintings.

Pharmacy/drugstore – you can buy medicine and toiletries here.

Police station – you are taken here when you break the law and are arrested or need to report a crime.

Pub/bar – a place where you can buy a beer or other types of alcoholic drinks.

Square – an open area within a city in the shape of a square. It is usually the heart of the city.

Supermarket – a large store that sells food, drinks and household items.