What makes the modern man happy? Battery life and wifi! Why? Because, Internet.

There are so many ways to learn and practice English using the Internet.

The development of cell phones into smartphones has made learning languages much easier. All you need to do is download an app and start learning.

To keep it simple, I will suggest the top 4 Apps to learn English. These apps will complement your English Studies at Oxford English Academy and help you learn English a lot faster.

1. Memrise – This is an awesome app because you can learn all sorts of things from Languages to Physics. And it’s free! Learning English through Memrise is effective because of the simple, repetitive approach to language and vocabulary. Try it out and see what you think.

2. Duolingo – This is my favourite app. You get a cute little coach and he reminds you to train every day. Learning English here is based on very simple vocabulary, but the upside is that it is addictive because it feels like a game! It goes further to create a leaderboard of you and your Facebook friends, creating an element of competitiveness. And also, it’s free!

4. Google Translate – We all know and love Google. This is a standard translation app and it works wonders, as you probably already know. Read a small piece of text, try guessing what it means, then translate and check for yourself. Added bonus: On some of the newer smart phones, Google Translate has an additional feature that automatically pops up and asks if you want to translate. This happens whenever you hold and copy text.

5. Whatsapp – A messaging platform is always a great place to practice English. It also allows you to use other forms of media to communicate; images, videos, voice notes, emoticons and text.

Using Memrise and Duolingo, you can build some vocabulary. Google Translate will also help you discover new words. With Whatsapp you can begin practising all the English you have learnt and build friendships at the same time. 🙂

When communicating with English speaking friends on Whatsapp, try to figure out what they are saying, and then see what it translates to. This is a fun interactive way to develop your conversational English. Depending on whether you are studying English in Oxford or Cape Town, you will pick up unique slang and colloquial English (casual conversation English).

Wrap all these apps up as a gift with 10 minutes of practice each day.

In a month’s time, open your gift and see how much you have learnt.